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Dusty Johnston

Dusty Johnston was born in Wellington, New Zealand and is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She is a recent Bachelor of Communications (Media) graduate and has produced various audio, visual and written creative media projects throughout her life. She currently works in PR, marketing and as a freelance media producer.


Amy Hanley

Amy Hanley is a Melbourne based sound practitioner and an RMIT Bachelor of Media and Communication (Honours) student whose work explores form, language, gender, and sexuality. Hanley’s work has featured at Hearsay International Audio Arts Festival Shortlist; Best Radio/Sound Art Award (2017), Crack Theatre Festival, TiNA (2016), Melbourne Meat Markets (2016), Winner of Audiocraft’s People’s Choice Award (2016), as well as being broadcast on Soundproof, ABC Radio National, 3RRR and FBi Radio.


Daniel Bowden

Daniel Bowden is a digital content producer and a recent Bachelor of Communications (Media) graduate of RMIT University. He has created audio and visual content for film, theatre and promotional video. Credits have included; Beyond Screen Production, Seven Network, Channel Ten, ABC Radio National, Mariposa Films, Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne City Council and The Dax Centre.


Rob Corica

Rob Corica is a Melbourne based Visual Artist, Writer, and a Bachelor of Communications (Media) graduate. His work often explores thematics of sexuality, gender, and queer identity. He has been featured in Subvrt Magazine, and has been broadcasted on 3RRR and SYN FM.


Elaine Leong

Elaine Leong is a Hong Kong Australian writer, visual artist, and recent Bachelor of Communication (Honours) graduate. Her poems have been published in Plumwood Mountain and foam:e, among other places.


Robbie Rowlands

Robbie Rowlands is a Melbourne based artist, sound & music producer, and educator. In his artistic work he draws on existing objects and spaces in a practice that seeks to renegotiate the empirical by challenging the way we see the world. He is currently undertaking a Masters by research at RMIT exploring the temporal state of abandonment, or at times complete loss of his subject buildings. He has a long history of sound and music production working with local and international artists and film productions. He teaches sessionally at RMIT in the Fine art, Media and Communication, and Interior Design departments.