Episode 6. Caretakers

In this episode, we feature artists and designers engaged in exciting new collaborative and community-driven projects. Caretakers considers the role that creative practitioners can play in facilitating unique opportunities and outcomes.

Featuring interviews with Margaret Djarrbalabal, Alvaro Catalán de Ocón and Miles Russell-Cook, surrounding the unique collaboration between Indigenous Australian artists of Ramingining, Bula'bula, and Spain's PET Lamp. To follow, an interview with Millie Cattlin from These Are The Projects We Do Together.

Image: Alvaro Catalán de Ocón and Bula’bula Artists, PET Lamp Ramingining: Bukmukgu Guyananhawuy (Every Family Thinking Forward) (2016)

Photo captured by Tobias Titz

Episode 5. Drawing the Line


In this episode, we talk to artists who have sparked consciousness and debate around the ongoing suffering of displaced peoples. Drawing the Line discusses how art can act as an alternative vehicle to spread awareness.

Featuring interviews with Candice Breitz, Ben Quilty and Gabrielle de Vietri

Featuring music from Behrouz Boochani. Journalist and poet Behrouz Boochani has been held in immigration detention on Manus Island for four years.

Image: Ben Quilty, High Tide Mark (2016)

Photo captured by Tom Ross


Episode 2. Extremities


In this episode, we explore artists engaging directly on location with their practice. Extremities defines the environmental and circumstantial challenges that its featured artists have experienced, and the methods to which they challenged their practice to define outcomes.

Featuring interviews with Philip Samartzis and Polly Stanton

Image: Philip Samartzis, Blizzard at Jack’s Hut, Eastern Antarctica (2016)

Photo captured by Daniel Wilkins